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    Reserve your spot.  Call or text Kirsten @ 314.488.6441


    Drop in Class (1 class)           $15
    Trial Class Pack (3 classes)   $25
    Unlimited Classes (1 month)  $99
    ~Includes 2 FREE Guest Passes
    10 Class Pack  $120
    20 Class Pack  $200
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    COUNTDOWN TO FIT – NEW!!! Using the popular 3-2-1 method of training, this 45 minute class covers it all!  Get your heart rate up while performing cardio, strength and core circuits.  Who says cardio has to be boring?  Improve your strength and stamina while taking the BLAH outta your cardio regimen! 


    HIIT DRILLS (+) - Previously a 30 minute class, HIIT Drills Plus is geared towards high intensity intervals and a major fat and calorie burn! High Intensity Intervals have been shown to get BETTER results in LESS time.  How?  By using bursts of HIGH energy exercises followed by short breaks to not only increase stamina but to also improve the metabolism.  This class is now 45 minutes in length, hence, the “+” added to the name! 


    TRIPLE THREAT – Tired of working out and getting little to no results?  If so, you should give strength training a try.  Studies show that adding lean muscle to your physique increases your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) which means you’ll be burning more calories while at REST!!  This 45 minute class will take you through the 3 components of fitness: muscle strengthening, cardiovascular health and core stability/strengthening.   Use this safe yet effective method of training to change your body’s composition while improving your overall health!


    POWER CIRCUIT TRAINING – This 45 minute class is a fast paced, high energy way to burn tons of calories.  Move from station to station while using dumbbells, monster bands, medicine balls, kettlebells and more.  Alternating between cardio and strength stations, this workout is so dynamic it’s a guarantee that you’ll never get the same workout twice! 


    MONSTER BAND-GEEKNEW!!! This 30 minute class uses a dynamic piece of equipment that resembles a giant rubber band.  Use your monster band for cardio AND strengthening exercises and see how quickly your body composition changes!  SNAP out of your boring exercise routine and into this fun, fast paced class!


    BODYWEIGHT & PLYOMETRICS – The title explains it all!  This 45 minute class combines the ever-trending use of bodyweight exercises in a group setting and the explosive movements of plyometrics for a head to toe workout.  Let’s get back to the basics and start learning how to use our own bodyweight to create a challenging and effective workout. 


    KETTLEBELL – Ever wonder what those funny looking weights that look like a bowling ball with a handle are?  They’re called KETTLEBELLS and they are a blast to workout with! Originating in Russia, they date back centuries!!  It’s unique shape is the very reason you can burn 20 calories per minute.   You’ll feel every muscle working within minutes of this 45 minute class!  Kill two birds with one stone (or kettlebell) in this class.  You get the cardio AND the strength at the same time with this fun little piece of equipment!!


    KICKBOXING – Kick and punch your day’s frustrations away in this 45 minute class.  Train like a boxer without ever stepping foot in a boxing ring!  You’ll use jump ropes, dumbbells, medicine balls, hand held targets and much more and leave feeling empowered, energized and (hopefully) less stressed! 


    BOOT CAMPS IN THE PARK – Meet me at Forest Park (The World Fair Pavilion) every Saturday morning (FINE PRINT: MONTHS MAY-OCTOBER ONLY) to get a workout with a view!!  Enjoy the beautiful scenery while you sweat and burn tons of calories.  This is a 45 minute class which involves running drills, stair climbs, bodyweight exercise and boot camp-style drills that will surely leave you sweating and ready to tackle the rest of the weekend! 


     What to bring:

    ~Paperwork for 1st time class goers (Under "forms" tab)

    ~Yoga Mat

    ~Water bottle

    ~Towel (optional)

    ~Weights for Triple Threat (contact Kirsten for details)